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Service & repairs

Inspectus can repair almost all types of CCTV pipe inspection equipment including push cameras. Inspectus can upgrade and modernize items such as camera modules, text generator cards, software, electronic components and mechanical components. We can improve on the weaknesses of equipment to ensure reliability and the best possible result.

Peter Klein has been a mechanical/electronics engineer for over 35 years, applying his skills to the Pipeline renovation and Inspection industry for 30 years. Alex Klein has now been involved with Inspectus for 2 years, qualified in IT, he also has engineering skills allowing him to assist in the rapidly growing business. Together they believe a family orientated approach is important in building a relationship with their customers.
Our prices and services are very affordable, even more so when equipment is purchased from us. We are always willing to negotiate a satisfactory outcome for our clients.


Service & repairs for plumber & drainers

Inspectus can upgrade and modernize items such as:


  •  Camera modules & lenses.
  •  Text generator cards.
  •  Software (WinCan).
  •  LED’s.
  •  Video amplifiers.
  •  Power supplies.
  •  Electronic and mechanical components.


Our services may include:


  •  Cable/Rod terminations.
  •  LED repairs/upgrades.
  •  Water ingress repairs.
  •  Seals & o’ring replacing.
  •  Sonde testing.
  •  Parts interpreting & supply.
  •  Re engineering inherent design flaws.


Refurbishing services:


  • Repainting/powder coating reel frames.  
  • End for ending rods. 
  • Rewiring & replacing connectors. 
  • Replacing seals, o’rings & bearings. 
  • Upgrading camera modules & LED’s.