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About Inspectus:

We specialize in the repairs to pipe inspection cameras and associated equipment. We also refurbish, re-engineer and modernize older pipe inspection equipment when possible.
We are building to accommodate for every possible requirement, including WinCanVX reporting software sales and support, specialist repairs and upgrades, mechanical and electronics engineering, IT hardware and software solutions, importing and selling quality CCTV equipment and components. Our 30 years industry experience has allowed us to build the knowledge and contacts we have today.

Inspectus can supply a wide range of products including Push cameras with all necessary attachments, used pipe inspection equipment, 
TV-inspection systems designed for people who have to inspect and document pipes for sewer, estate drainage, fresh and waste water, WincanVX for your CCTV reporting requirements including complete computer system builds. Our qualified IT specialists will ensure your software and hardware is up to date and correctly configured for reliability and usability.